Some people refer to them as rod covers, others as shaft covers, others still as screw covers, and there are a whole host of additional names beyond those. We call them Centry Covers, and they’re what our business was founded on. As one of our most versatile products, they cover a wide range of applications, and we’re always finding more.

With their dynamic telescoping action, they automatically expand and contract with your machine. We manufacture them from stainless steel, blue carbon steel, or copper depending on your application. Centry Covers can handle corrosive and outdoor environments, weld splatter, and in some cases they can even be used to cover laser beams.

To install a Centry Cover, you typically have to take your machine apart and put the cover over the rod, shaft or screw you’ll be covering. But in some cases, that’s much easier said than done. That’s why we make open wound covers as well. These can be wound on so you don’t have to take the machine apart. We also sell pilots and retainers to help center the covers if necessary. And whatever type you choose, we make sure that there’s enough overlap in the cover to render it a true enclosure, ensuring that dust and other contaminants stay out of your machine.

Beyond our standard sizes, we’re happy to provide custom Centry Covers as well. And by filling out one of our application guides, we can get started on choosing the best cover for you right away.

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