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General Questions

Yes. Manuals are available upon request through our Quality Control Department.

Contact our financial group at 800-257-9537 (Choose Option# 3).

Turnaround for quotations are generally around 24 hours. Many are returned on the same day. More extensive requirements may take a little longer.

NET 30 terms with approved application, C.O.D., wire transfers, credit cards (Master Card, Visa and American Express), and (of course) cash.

Only non-stock orders are subject to minimum pricing. Stock covers do not carry minimums for customers with established accounts in good standing or new customers using either a credit card or C.O.D.

Centryco’s credit application is a simple, one-page form available by clicking here. Applications can be faxed directly to our credit department (609-386-6739) and appropriate terms assigned within 24 hours after the form is completed, signed, and returned.

Centryco’s 800 number (257-9537) will connect you to the people you need to speak with:

  • Choose TECHNICAL first to discuss and evaluate your application
  • Choose SALES for stock pricing, deliveries, customer service, or to place on order
  • …or if you require someone to visit your operation, ask SALES who the Centryco representative is in your area to schedule an appointment.

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Centry Covers

Our standard Blue Carbon Steel is used for a majority of Centry Cover applications. Stainless Steel is available for applications where pitting or rusting may be a problem. Stainless Steel is also recommended for Laser applications. Other specialty materials are also available.

Over End covers are made for applications where the user has access to slip the cover OVER the rod / shaft / screw (standard application). Open Wound covers are available to wrap around the rod / shaft / screw in place without machine disassembly. This option is available for machines that are difficult and /or time consuming to disassemble.

Typically, 0.032″ material is used. There is a part of the pilot where two pieces of material overlap, which would measure approximately 0.064″ at that point.

4 – 6 mm is the recommended clearance.

In some applications, the spring force of the cover will keep it in place. In this case, pilots and retainers are not required. When pilots /retainers are required you may secure them by catching either side of the flange with a screw head or if the flange is wide enough, drill a screw through the flange. Screws should never be secured inside the retainer where they will interfere with the operation of the cover.

Pilots and Retainers are fabricated metal flanges used to add stability and keep your Centry Cover in place. The large end of the cover (O.D.) is supported by inserting that end into the Retainer while the small end of the cover (I.D.) slips over the Pilot.

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Bellows and Way Covers

Centryco combines several construction methods and materials to offer covers for various applications including machine tool equipment, robotics, linear motion equipment, measuring equipment, water-jet /laser cutting, and medical lift tables to name a few.

Several water resistant construction methods are available and determined individually by application.

Typically, Zippers can be quoted for total enclosure bellows that are sewn. Zippers are not recommended when protecting a screw.

Choose the most convenient way for yourself:

  • Each product has an application guide that you can complete and return by email or fax.
  • Submit either a formal or hand sketch drawing of your application (or cover).
  • Call and discuss your application with one of our tech support personnel. If you’d like us to contact you, please visit our RFQ Page.

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Screens are used as a deterrent for safety purposes, aesthetically to hide machine components, and protection for machine parts.

Ideally, 3 to 4mm (approx. 1/8″) in both width and height should be allowed for cover clearance.

Stock sizes are available in combinations of 12″ or 24″ widths, 4′ or 8′ lengths, and 3 different heights up to 1″ maximum.

Centryco will evaluate any request and determine the proper cover for your application. Widths up to 30 inches are ideal for Perma-Pleated construction. Widths over 30″ will be of a sewn construction and supports generally will be added for stability.

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