Who Is Centryco?

Centryco Inc. is a family-owned and -run custom safety equipment company that delivers robust protection products for your applications.  Since our incorporation in 1949, we have made it our mission to help companies like yours protect their valuable assets.  Today’s Centryco enhances your equipment’s performance by manufacturing custom solutions including bellows, way covers, telescoping Centry covers, and more.  Our team of highly trained engineers, technicians, and salespeople understand the importance of improving machine safety, uptime, and reliability.  We strive to build on our experience to maximize your equipment performance and continue offering industry-leading quality and satisfaction.


Why Centryco?

  1. PROTECTION/ SAFETY/ APPEAL – Centryco offers a product line to comply with worldwide applications that require Protection, Safety, and/ or Product Appeal.
  2. CHOICES – Steel? Fabric? Round? Rectangular? Flat? – You name it. We can provide a product exactly to your specifications.
  3. STOCK – In a hurry? Budget low? – Only a toll-free phone call away to inquire about one of our many stock covers and bellows.
  4. RESPONSE – Quick quotes, Fast deliveries
  5. VALUE – Centrycos employs the most effective methods of providing quality that will last while keeping costs at a minimum.
  6. SUPPORT – A friendly voice (try our toll-free number 1-800-257-9537) always available to assist you in technical, sales, and service both before and after your purchase.
  7. CONVENIENCE – Centryco employees, Representatives, and Distributors are nearby to offer answers and solutions.
  8. EXPERIENCE – Over a half-century of protecting people and their equipment while increasing productivity.
  9. GLOBAL – Installations worldwide.
  10. OUR WORD – Centryco stands behind every product – a satisfied customer is our number one priority!