Sewn Bellows

Sewn bellows help keep contaminants, coolant, and machine debris off of your critical equipment in a diverse range of applications. With a wide selection of materials available, Centryco is ready to customize the perfect bellows for you.  Zippers are available for select applications.

Molded Bellows

Molded bellows protect even the most sensitive components from dust, water, and other contaminants. A perfect application for cleanrooms, medical and metrology equipment, and for covering joints – Centryco can make a custom shaped bellows for each customer’s specific application.

RF Welded Bellows

Our welding process creates attractive and watertight bellows for a variety of applications. Welded bellows excel at protecting sensitive equipment and can serve in specialty use cases, such as flexible reservoirs. Centryco works to understand and meet any application our customers may have.