Centryco has worked with hundreds of companies to satisfy their many automation and engineering needs. Our protective covers and shields can be applied and adjusted to accommodate a multitude of equipment, tools, and parts.

Our covers are used to protect vital equipment and can prevent high-cost system repairs. Examples of our product applications include covers for ball screws, laser beams, vises, jacks, lathes, hydraulic/pneumatic cylinders, die sets, and more. We also offer user-friendly roller blinds/shade rollers to improve workspace aesthetics.

For some manufacturers, an important component of production is Coordinated Measurement Machines or CMM. For these machines to perform properly, this positioning system must operate without outside interference as these systems are highly sensitive. Dust and other contaminants can have a serious impact on how they function. Our perma-pleated screens can protect important CMM mechanisms such as linear rails, ball screws, and lead screws.

We also have plenty of experience working with Metrologic technology. We know that to perform such advanced measuring techniques, it requires a sterile and uncontaminated environment. We offer tools that can help ensure desktop metrology equipment is airtight and obstruction free.

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