Wednesday was an important day for Centryco, a celebration of our diversity. We pitched in to bring appetizers, entrees and desserts from our different cultures since the best way to bond is over food! Our International Day, what we call it, allows us to step back and take a good look at the diversity that makes us special. We have over 60% female employees in positions from production to management, with 100% women ownership; we have employees representing 11 different countries; we have first and second generation Americans as well as families who have been in this country for centuries.

Diversity is not something we strive for at Centryco but rather a byproduct of our business practices, which is why we are so proud of it. We hire based upon performance and experience, what a prospective employee can add to the team. That translates (pardon the pun) into efficiency and productivity, the direct result of inclusivity and cooperation. We are able to have such a cohesive team because our differences are not divisive or definitive; instead they are conducive to effective problem solving because our employees bring varying approaches to the workplace.

I guess the best way to describe us is pure American. We are a group of people from various backgrounds working together to accomplish our goals and provide the best product and service we can. We are a strong family and an example of the loftiest of American principles.

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