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Covid Safety

Long, long ago in the annuls of Centryco history, we began as a company focused on fire safety.  Over time, that transitioned to protecting die set and other machinery operators.  The Centryco of recent times is all about providing the best solutions for protecting the operating integrity […]

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Small Business Week

Welcome to Small Business Week.  Well, belated welcome since we are already halfway through it.  I suppose that it’s a convenient lead in to my point in this post, addressing the delay in writing this. I wanted to get this posted on Monday but, unfortunately, other tasks […]

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Riddle me this…

I walk one mile south, one mile west, and one mile north.  I am now back where I started.  Where on Earth am I?   That riddle is known to be a favorite of Elon Musk’s; the Tesla CEO is said to ask it during interviews.  As […]

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Unique Company, Common Goals.

Wednesday was an important day for Centryco, a celebration of our diversity. We pitched in to bring appetizers, entrees and desserts from our different cultures since the best way to bond is over food! Our International Day, what we call it, allows us to step back and […]

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Women in Manufacturing

Listening to the news and financial reports this, I heard that major corporations are making a concerted effort to fill technical positions with women, setting goals of 50% or more by 2021. I applaud these efforts. Back in the days before there was dirt (if you believe […]

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Focus On the Customer: YOU!

I started my Centryco adventure in 1996 as a machinist. A machinist must be a professional, must be accurate, and must be precise to produce a quality product. My experience has allowed me to develop and fine tune an attention to detail that my coworkers and I […]

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See You At 50!

I know many others have talked about the family environment here at Centryco but I’d love to add my special memory, as it epitomizes the values of Centryco for me. I have been working with Centryco for over 41 years and have always done my best for […]

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