The success of many manufacturing operations hinges on the use of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). As manufacturers strive for tighter and tighter tolerances, precision becomes ever more important. CMMs are a means to achieve this precision, serving as probes to verify that the angles, lengths, widths, heights and other important parameters of manufactured parts and components are correct.

To check such a wide array of factors, each CMM makes use of a versatile positioning system. For the CMM to perform properly, this positioning system needs to operate smoothly. The margin for error isn’t just slim, it’s non existent. This is a zero tolerance situation. To complicate matters, these systems are very sensitive; dust or other contaminants can have a serious impact on how they function. This is where our products come in.

Our perma pleated screens are used to protect the various mechanisms that maneuver these positioning systems, mechanisms such as linear rails, ball screws and lead screws. The low spring force and low coefficient of friction of our perma pleated screens make them an ideal choice for this application, ensuring that they won’t interfere with the delicate operation of the positioning system.

Our screens are made custom for each machine. Once we design a cover for a customer, we have that design. From there, the customer can blanket order in whatever quantity they need. As soon as we fulfill an order, we can get to work on the follow up order, ensuring they’ll always have the screens they require.

Coordinate measuring machines are a critical part of manufacturing everything from automobiles to X-rays. Centryco perma pleated screens protect these machines, allowing them to function as they should and helping to ensure precision in manufacturing.

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