There are more applications for our Perma-Pleated Screens than for any other product we manufacture. Like our other products, these screens can help protect your employees by keeping fingers, hands, clothes and hair away from moving parts. They can also protect your machines from contaminants such as dust and oil, assuring that your machines will last longer with less maintenance.

Centryco Perma Pleated Screens also offer an aesthetic advantage. By covering up moving parts machines can look nicer, and in certain cases less threatening. For example, our screens have been used in medical offices to make some machines less intimidating for patients.

Recently, some of the more popular applications of Perma-Pleated Screens include a variety of inspection equipment and robotic positioning systems. As these technologies become more prevalent in manufacturing, so does the need for machine guards to protect them.

Centryco Perma Pleated Screens are incredibly versatile, and have been used to handle a wide array of challenges. The stories we’ve shared above are just some examples of what they can do.

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