Here at Centryco, we enjoy a reputation for having quality product and first class customer service. We’ll research and exhaust all probabilities and possibilities to accommodate the customer. We adhere to the latest ISO and Lean Manufacturing standards to assure quality at a competitive price.

I believe that two of the many things that set Centryco apart from others in the industry, is the loyalty and desire of our employees, on a personal level, to give their all, usually with a smile! It’s a personal thing and they have pride in the product they work on and what’s sent out the door.

Because we truly believe that our greatest and most valuable asset is our employees, we take their suggestions and opinions seriously; they’re always given the proper consideration. It’s a “think tank” atmosphere where, more often than not, the answer or solutions to a problem comes from the people who actually work on the product. And that makes Centryco a company “of the people”.

Diane Rossi

Fun facts about me:

  • I love to travel, anywhere, any time. My favorite destination (and where I’m headed when I win the lottery) is Hawaii.
  • Family means everything to me. They provide the context for everything else in life. (That makes Centryco such a great fit for me … and me for them!)
  • My favorite TV show? Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives! I can’t get enough of Guy Fieri – and good food.

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