Centryco prides itself on employee cooperation and collaboration. We encourage all employees to present ideas to improve quality, efficiency, or to expand our product line. Sometimes the person who can improve a product line isn’t in the office but on the production floor.
David Morris has been working with Centryco for 41 years and has an intimate knowledge of the Centry© cover product line. As such, he has had a hand in designing a large variety of products for as many applications. His input has even affected the design of the machines we use to create the products you rely on.
Our sewing lead, Ana Matos, takes a similar approach. She has helped streamline our sewing techniques and makes sure any suggestions that come from her team get vetted and implemented.
Finally, our sales team – Paul Piergross, Dionna Lytch, and Jean Marie Jones – is constantly trying to find better ways of serving you, our customer.
Whether through online chat options, production team involvement, or just brainstorming ideas on how to accommodate your needs for our product, they are always trying to make Centryco your best option.
….Your friends here at Centryco

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