It’s a positive feeling, knowing that I am coming to a place where everyone works together to get the job done. Everyone here is like a family. We help each other both in the workplace and outside, on a personal level, if someone needs it.
A great example of this, though it may sound selfish, occurs every Veterans Day. We have three vets here: Pete, Steve and me. The company gets together every year to present us with a small gift in honor of our service. It’s a small gesture but it means a lot coming from our work family. I’m glad I get to share it with them.
I am Brian Bohley, Centryco’s Radio Frequency Welder:

  • I spent 9 years in the Marine Corps as an Aviation Electrician.
  • I recently became a grandfather for the first time.
  • I donate blood to the Red Cross as often as possible, and have donated a total of 5 gallons, so far.

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