Robotic arms are often used in manufacturing to handle the most dangerous jobs. They sit right in the line of fire of weld splatter and sparks, the kinds of environments that aren’t very forgiving to human skin. These conditions are tough on machines as well, which is why robotic arms require some of the most resilient machine guards around. We work with a variety of heavy duty materials here at Centryco that can withstand these challenging conditions. We’ll evaluate your application, and choose the material best suited to withstand the particular hazards that will be present.

While the operational environment presents one set of challenges, the mechanics of the robotic arms present another. They often conduct more complex movements than other machines. A machine guard must be able to move with the arm, keeping it protected in its entirety while not interfering with its movements. We have a great deal of experience designing guards for the myriad robotic arms utilized in the automotive industry, so we’re familiar with meeting the challenging requirements of delivering guards that are both flexible and resilient.

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