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Centryco Slideway Cover Application Guide

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About This Guide

This guide was developed to make your job easier by utilizing our more than 50 years of product experience. The information learned in pioneering America's first continuous length fabric cover for slideways is contained within this easy-to-use guide.

This guide is divided into four sections:

APPLICATION / COVER INFORMATION - Allows you to describe either your cover requirements for an existing cover or your specific application information to describe the details of your linear rail, dual rails, or other configuration.

OPERATING ENVIRONMENT INFORMATION - Provides a section to fully describe your operating conditions and to assist in determining the best material and construction method for your Application.

COMPRESSION RATIOS - A handy chart to calculate nominal Extension-to-Compression Ratios for various Vee Depths and Construction Methods.

CONTACT INFORMATION - Informs us of the best way to contact you.

How To Use This Guide

  • Familiarize yourself with the standard cover features.
  • Measure your application or the existing cover to obtain the required dimensions.
  • Reference the standard compression ratios if it is a required dimension in your application.
  • Make copies of the following three pages, complete all the pertinent information, and return by fax or email.

Application / Cover Information

Check system or cover and fill in appropriate dimensions.



  • slideway dimensions
  • cover dimensions
  • Vee Depth Choice

Operating Environment Information

  • Contaminants:
  • Sparks/Flame:
  • Liquids:
  • Operating Cycles:
  • Maximum Operating Temperature:

Compression Ratios

Nominal Extension to Compression Ratios

Vee Depth Compression Ratios
20 11:1 8:1
25 13:1 10:1
30 16:1 13:1
35 18:1 16:1


Contact Information

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