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Product Application Examples

Examples of Centryco Product Applications

milling machine

Milling Machine outfitted with Centryco covers

qc1  qc2 qc3

QC Department at work with checks and balances to ensure both quality and accuracy.

centrycover1 centrycover2

Centry Cover (retracted) shows the wear from the elements while the ballscrew remains clean.

latheCentry Cover in a lathe application

lift1            lift2

Centry Cover on a lift (compressed)        Centry Cover on a lift (extended)


Komatsu Cutting Technologies chooses Centryco’s high temperature Sparkguard bellows for their plasma cutting systems.


Monforts of Germany, a leading manufacturer of lathes, uses Centry Covers (shown in tandem application), for their high quality and on-time delivery.

i-apps_cInstron, a worldwide producer of systems for material testing, uses the Centryco Perma-Pleated Screen, which is endowed with minimal resistance and a high extension to low compression ratio.

i-apps_dBennett X-Ray Corporation selected the Centryco Perma-Pleated Guard for its ability to protect and enhance the appearance and operation of their MF-150 and Contour M-CTR high-frequency mammography systems.