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COVID-19 Updates

13 March 2020

As we confront the COVID-19 crisis, Centryco will continue to adhere to our policies of safety, civic-mindedness, and responsibility.

One of the greatest tools to use against this pandemic is social distancing. To that end, Centryco has put in place systems to allow many of our employees the ability to work from home. For those whose physical presence is required, we are developing alternative work strategies to accommodate production needs without compromising our responsibilities to our employees, customers and suppliers.

We cannot predict how the next few weeks will unfold; for now, we are still operating normally. As we move forward, we will keep you abreast of our efforts on this front through direct communication or via our website (

Our hearts go out to everyone already affected by this pandemic. This emergency is an undeniable reminder of our shared humanity, and that our strongest tool is our ability to work together to face down any challenge.

We wish each of you good health.

Mary T. Gordon, President