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Linear rails are an important part of modern industry, connecting multi-functional machines throughout facilities. Years ago one of our sales reps requested a cover to protect these rails. Well, that meant a lot of things. It meant protecting them from factory conditions like weld splatter. It meant protecting them from being stepped on and crushed. And, because the rails move, it meant designing covers that move with them. All of that made for a tall order. So what did we do? We got to work.

First, all of our linear way covers have built-in supports. These supports are what the covers rest on top of, and they’re what take the weight when someone steps on the covers. Next, there are a variety of materials that we can construct the covers out of depending on the environment the rails sit in—for example, to protect against weld splatter. There are also various requirement-specific support construction options. And don’t worry about figuring out what the perfect material for the job is, or the perfect support construction. You tell us you’re application, and we’ll tell you what works. Lastly, the covers have an accordion-like shape that allows them to move with the rails. And as a bonus, if you don’t want the rails visible, the covers offer an aesthetically pleasing solution.

Our linear way covers are a perfect example of what we do here at Centryco: We listen to the needs of our customers, and design solutions to address them. So whether you’re looking to protect the people and machines in your facility, or you’re an OEM looking to provide covers with your latest machine, look no further.

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