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Providing Style and Protection with Perma-Pleated Screens

There are more applications for our Perma-Pleated Screens than for any other product we manufacture. Like our other products, these screens can help protect your employees by keeping fingers, hands, clothes and hair away from moving parts. They can also protect your machines from contaminants such as […]

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Providing Protection for Coordinate Measurement Machines

The success of many manufacturing operations hinges on the use of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs). As manufacturers strive for tighter and tighter tolerances, precision becomes ever more important. CMMs are a means to achieve this precision, serving as probes to verify that the angles, lengths, widths, heights […]

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Protecting the World of 3D Printing

It’s the new big thing, as game-changing a technology as the personal computer was a generation ago. If you’re involved in manufacturing, you’ve no doubt heard of 3D printing. Maybe you’re even putting it to use in your design, prototype and production operations. The technology, also referred […]

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Vacuum Formed Bellows

Centryco expands their product line with the technology to produce very small bellows utilizing a vacuum-formed technology. These polyurethane-based bellows provide fully sealed protection with excellent fatigue and wear characteristics. Abrasion resistance and tear strength provide millions of cycles without failure even in the most severe applications. […]

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Rod, Shaft, and Screw Covers

Some people refer to them as rod covers, others as shaft covers, others still as screw covers, and there are a whole host of additional names beyond those. We call them Centry Covers, and they’re what our business was founded on. As one of our most versatile […]

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