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The Golden Rule

I’m sure I’m not going to be the first to point out that Centryco is a family business.  And, like any family, it has its share of agreements and disagreements.  But here, it’s a little bit different and it’s all because our core value is the Golden […]

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A Company “Of the People”

Here at Centryco, we enjoy a reputation for having quality product and first class customer service.  We’ll research and exhaust all probabilities and possibilities to accommodate the customer.  We adhere to the latest ISO and Lean Manufacturing standards to assure quality at a competitive price. I believe […]

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How We Came To Be

We hear all the time that our helically-wound spring is a dying product line. And at every trade show, we hear, “What is this? I’ve never seen anything like it.” It’s not for everyone but, with having made over 2000 different variations (metals and sizes), it certainly […]

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Getting To Know Who …

Welcome to the Centryco blog section. We’ve debated what to put here, how it should look, what it should be about, and who should write it. After much deliberation, we decided to introduce you to the “WHO” of Centryco – the “WHAT” of Centryco is explained in […]

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Engineering Insights

One of the great things about being an R&D Engineer is getting a first look at new and innovative ideas. And here at Centryco we not only get to look at them, but to be involved in the design and development. One such idea came disguised as […]

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Thank You Jack!

“To every thing there is a season, and time to every purpose under heaven.” –Eccl. 3:1(KJV) For the past 28 years, Jack Jurchecko has been a rock in the foundation of Centryco. He has provided engineering expertise to enable us to meet our customers’ specific needs, launch […]

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A Commitment to Quality

At Centryco we work hard to create quality products that will protect both machines and personnel. All of our machine guards are crafted by hand. When you get a product from Centryco, you know that every inch of it has been meticulously gone over by our expert […]

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Customer Problems, Centryco Solutions

Linear rails are an important part of modern industry, connecting multi-functional machines throughout facilities. Years ago one of our sales reps requested a cover to protect these rails. Well, that meant a lot of things. It meant protecting them from factory conditions like weld splatter. It meant […]

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The Importance of Well-Guarded Machines

Properly guarded machines give workers something invaluable—confidence. The emphasis in manufacturing is on speed and efficiency. The higher the frequency that machines work at, the better. While that means greater production output for businesses, it also means greater risk of injury for workers. Machines are not only […]

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Machine Covers and Guards for Robotics

Robotic arms are often used in manufacturing to handle the most dangerous jobs. They sit right in the line of fire of weld splatter and sparks, the kinds of environments that aren’t very forgiving to human skin. These conditions are tough on machines as well, which is […]

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